4 Reasons You Should Include LinkedIn As Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

With a global sign up rate of roughly 2 members per second and more than 313 million members living in more than 200 countries worldwide, LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the most powerful digital marketing tools on the internet. Reaching everyone from college students looking for their first post-graduation position to higher end executives with thousands of connections, it’s so much more than a platform for individuals to find their dream job.

1)For the job seeker, it allows you to stand out and reach out -While the digital age can provide a plethora of opportunity for your business to grow organically through internet marketing, everyone knows that in this highly competitive business world it’s difficult to stand out and communicate with key decision makers and influencers. The days of going directly to a business and shaking hands with the owner/CEO and shaking their hand are long gone. Now applicants are emailing their resumes or filling out online applications only to be faced with hundreds of other individuals competing with them. LinkedIn is a wonderful tool for the job seeker, because it affords you the opportunity to reach out to higher ups that you might otherwise have no chance to communicate with. It also affords you the opportunity to create an impressive paperless resume and share your accomplishments as well as your connections with potential employers. They say it’s not always what you know, but who you know. If you’re a well -connected professional, LinkedIn lets employers know that prior to even having a conversation with you, which may make you more marketable.

2) It increases a business owners network – In the pre-digital days, business owners were often limited to a network of those in their local area. Now thanks to LinkedIn business owners all over the world have the opportunity to find, connect and build a relationship with their target market regardless of industry or location. This could mean finding the ideal candidate for a position in another state or finding a new client in a different city who otherwise might have never known about your business.

3) Building partnerships with others in the industry and relationships with your potential clients/customers – Developing relationships and partnerships is so important when you’re trying to grow a business! As digital marketing becomes the “go to” route for growing business, more and more people are starting to care about WHO their working with, often time as much or even MORE than the product or service itself! This means you can think of building partnerships and relationships as not just being a way to build brand awareness, but to build awareness about your loyalty, honesty, and dedication to your clients! When you develop strategic partnerships with others within the industry, you can help each other grow your businesses, offer compliments and suggestions for improvements, and refer clients to one another. These strong partnerships help build trust with those who might be looking for your services. Example? If you’re looking for a local painting contractor, wouldn’t you be more apt to hire someone who was well connected with and endorsed by others in their field? яндекс

4) Finding clients and customers- When you’re trying to market your business, there’s no digital marketing tool more powerful than LinkedIn! Just as noted above, getting yourself or your product in front of top influencers can be difficult. LinkedIn allows you to find, connect and build a relationship with thousands of potential clients with ease all under one platform. It’s never become easier to build a sales pipeline of leads!

Being the professional social networking front-liner, there are so many reasons why LinkedIn is an integral part of an overall digital marketing strategy. Don’t miss the opportunity to increase your client base and network with a wider range of professionals worldwide. Contact Mr. Pipeline today and we can assist you in developing your company’s LinkedIn strategy. You’ll be extending your network and increasing your lead pipeline as your business moves towards the New Year!

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October 15, 2018

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