The Top 4 Reasons You Need Google Plus Now

When many business owners approach a local internet marketing company to help them come up with a strategy to increase their sales pipeline via internet marketing, many are surprised to hear that Google + is strongly suggested as one of the mediums to focus time and energy on.  This is due in part to the fact that it can be difficult to maneuver around (although recent changes are making it more user friendly) and the fact that Facebook seems to have stolen the spotlight as being the “go to” social media network for building customer relationships and generating leads.

While it is true that Facebook has more overall users and interaction, Google + is the wave of the future and definitely should not be ignored as a way to network with potential clients.  In fact, with roughly 540 users, Google + has more members than Twitter (at roughly 270 million users) which is often looked at as numero uno when folks are debating which social media outlets to spend their time advertising and building relationships on.

Despite the fact that Facebook might have more overall users, there are many reasons why Google + is a powerful tool to help you grow your business online.  Here are just a few reasons why you should consider making Google + a priority as your business moves into 2015 and beyond.

1)            Google Authorship:  When you see the author of a blog or article’s face next to their article on Google, it’s because of Google Authorship.  The best part of all is that it’s so easy to set up.  All one needs to do is set up a profile with Google+ and link the content you write to your profile.   The whole concept of “putting a name with a face” helps to build not only your brand, but also your validity and authority in your area of expertise.  Studies show that having the authorship pin helps to increase click through rates.

2)            High Post Engagement:  Here’s a secret Facebook fanatics may not be aware of.  When you post as your business through your Facebook account, only a small percentage of your fans will actually see each individual post.  This is due in part to recent algorithm changes.  In order to promote or “boost” your posts, you need to pay to get your posts promoted.  With Google+, it’s free.   This allows you to reach out to a wider pipeline without having to invest more money.

3)            SEO:  No matter how you slice it, Google+ is a powerful tool for boosting your business’ SEO standings.  Why is this? If of your followers on Google+ does a search while logged into their account your Google+ posts will automatically show up in their search results.  This means that a post that otherwise may not have shown up may be in your followers first page search results.   So, the more Google+ followers you have, the better your chances for exposure and for networking with potential customers and clients.

4)            Communities:  Everyone knows that any type of marketing is all about networking with the community.   If Google+ had one advantage over any other social networking site, their Communities section would be it.   If you want to really put yourself out there, it’s as easy as joining communities related to your field.   Communities is a place to gain new followers and get show off your content and learn about business trends through the content that other people in your industry post. Comment on and +1 other people’s articles you find interesting and contribute your own posts. Communities offers an opportunity for engagement, so jumping right in and becoming a part of conversations is a great way to connect with people who you can do business with.

With unique opportunities to interact with potential customers/clients,  the steady growth of overall users, a variety of ways to boost your SEO standings, and build a strong rapport in your line of business, it’s clear to see there are many benefits to including Google+ in your overall internet marketing strategy.

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October 15, 2018

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