5 Reasons Why Mobile Optimization Is Important To Your Business

In this busy digital age, staying connected at all times is easier than ever before.   Most people see folks utilizing their cellphones for the likes of searching for a pizza delivery or to stay up to date on their Fantasy Football team on a daily basis. In fact, The Nielsen Company conducted a survey in 2013 that indicated that 46% of searchers are relying solely on a mobile device.

This means that if you’re not optimizing your business for mobile marketing and your website is clunky and difficult to read via a cellphone, you’re missing out on an important opportunity to bring in new business.

Here’s why jumping on the “mobile optimization” bus will deliver you success!

It Allows You To Adapt Your Website

It only makes sense that a website that may look great from your laptop or home computer is bound to look awkward and not work on a 3 or 4 inch screen.    Formatting your website to look less bulky from a mobile phone is as easy as asking your web designer to optimize your site for mobile use.   Web designers are skilled in the “artform” of web design and can make your mobile site just as impressive with less space to work with.

It Helps You Get Your Ranking To the Top

If you’ve read anything about SEO, you know that ranking is everything.   The same holds true for SEO mobile ranking.   In fact, when you’re searching from a tiny screen, you’re even more apt to give your business to the company that comes up on the first page.

Adwords can get you to the top of the rankings – the area that is known as prime real estate.  The less scrolling the better.  Folks want quick results, and quick results will get you the business you desire.

It Allows You To Create Ad Extensions That Are Mobile Optimized

You can talk to your web designer about creating ad extensions that are mobile responsive.    This will increase your SEO rankings via ads that will pop up when people are searching via a mobile device only.

It Allows You To Consider Your Budget and Best Utilize Your Advertising Money


Every business wants their company to be one of the top ranking of its industry on Google, right?  This includes top ranking on a regular computer and on a mobile device.

We here at Mr. Pipeline highly suggest including mobile optimization in your overall strategy.    Just how much time and money should you spend on your mobile optimization?  Be open, flexible and do your research!  Pay attention to conversions that come from your mobile optimization and create a budget.    Depending on what type of business you have, your mobile conversion may be of more importance than it is for other businesses.  What we mean by this is that businesses that rely heavily on an immediate response or answer will want to seriously consider their budget for mobile optimization. For instance, if you own a restaurant off the interstate or a bed and breakfast that attracts tired travelers, chances are you might have more of a need for a top ranking than say; a jeweler or a computer repair company would.

It Gives You Another Opportunity To Keep Google Happy (And thus, increase your rankings!)

Google is the most visited search engine on the internet for a reason.   That’s because they like to send users to the websites that are the most relevant to their searches.    When it comes to mobile searches, Google doesn’t want to see flash and scrolling marquees.     They want ads to be as concise and easy to view as possible.   They want searchers to know exactly what they’re clicking on.   Without mobile optimization, your business could be missing out on the opportunity to adhere to Google’s guidelines that could get you a top rank. A reputable internet marketing company who is helping you with your mobile optimization will be able to explain in greater detail how to follow Google’s rules while creating the best mobile optimization possible for your business.

With almost half of your business coming from mobile searches, it’s clear that investing in mobile optimization for your website is an important way to increase your SEO rankings and prove that your business is the best in the industry in your area.   This isn’t to say that optimizing your regular site isn’t important- it is!  By investing in both an internet marketing company can help Google to recognize why your business is one of the most relevant in your industry.

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October 15, 2018

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