Why Company Culture Plays An Important Role In Building Small Businesses

Almost anyone with any type of career experience under their belt has had both positive and negative experiences in the workforce.  We’ve all had jobs that have left us with that pit of anxiety in our stomachs when Sunday evening rolls around;  dreading the week ahead.    Maybe the owner of the company is unappreciative of work/life balance or lacks the skills to bring a team together to achieve results.   Maybe you’re working in an industry that you aren’t passionate about, and thus it’s difficult to get enthusiastic about your career. Alternatively, many of us have had jobs that have us excited on a Sunday evening, anxious to get to work achieving our goals and collaborating with our coworkers to make things happen.

“Company culture” is a term that is becoming more and more common in the business world.  It’s often used particularly in smaller businesses and start-up companies to describe the overall atmosphere and values a company possesses.   Creating a “company culture” affords a business the opportunity to brand their business’ personality and is a valuable source of team building.

So what does company culture mean exact?

A positive working environment – No company is going to achieve results better than the team that is enthusiastic about working together.   Everyone should play an important role in the overall process of driving business and achieving their goals.   Each employee should feel that their opinion matters.  Every member of the team should be approachable and looking out for the greater good of the team, not just their own end results.   Approachable management is key too!

Additionally, having fun and engaging in team building activities is an important part of company culture.  Volunteering together as a company at a local shelter ,company luncheons and contests, and celebrating birthdays and holidays with food and fanfare are a great way to get the members of your team to gel and create a positive working environment for everyone.

Here at Mr. Pipeline, we’re passionate about company culture.   Today we celebrate the 21st birthday of Coryn Yepes who is one of our faithful Business Development representatives.   Coryn has been a part of the Mr. Pipeline team for the past 5 months.   In celebrate of the big day and the fact that it’s Halloween this week, we decided to bring in some Halloween themed cupcakes , both in chocolate and vanilla.  Spending a few minutes out of the day for some laughter is always a great way to recharge your batteries, and Coryn is an important part of the Mr. Pipeline family, so a celebrate is definitely in order.

Happy Birthday, Coryn!   Here’s to wishing you your best year yet!

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