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2019 Digital Marketing Wrap Up: Top Marketing Trends For 2020 ?

There is no denying that we are on an accelerated path to the evolution of digital marketing. Live video streaming, Interactive robots, virtual reality oh my!

The digital world is constantly changing but if we aren’t staying ahead of these trends we can easily slip through the cracks.

While Netflix was shipping out DVD’s to their consumer’s homes, Blockbuster figured their physical locations were enough to please their customers.

Moral of the story: Don’t be a blockbuster in the world of Netflix. 

Don’t be the company one who refuses to innovate. 


 Wrap up of 2019

Live chat 

Live chat (live support) is technology that provides companies with a way to interact with users when they visit an organization’s media properties. Live chat is used by sales, marketing, and customer support staff to answer questions from customers and prospects. This software has become a must need in 2019. It is easy to understand why, unless you can answer customer inquiries 24/7, the need for a live chat software is necessary.

Live chat makes it easy to turn potential customers into loyal customers. In a world of instant communication, serving your customers in real time could be the difference between gaining and losing potential clients.

How Live Chat Helps Increase Your Lead Flow

Voice Search 

Voice search is a speech recognition technology that allows a user to speak a search query into a device. Voice search was extremely significant in 2019 and still rapidly growing. It is transforming so fast that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020, according to comScore.

Every piece of content will now have to respond to both traditional and voice search, and if you ignore optimizing for voice search, you could find your business and all your content lost online.

3 Major Tips To Optimize Your Online Presence For Voice Search

SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) Position Zero

When you enter a query into a search engine you receive a page with results and this is called a SERP.

This on-SERP information may appear in various places, but the most sought after position is right at the top of the page, before the organic listings. This position has been dubbed “position zero”. As it’s often the only information that a searcher will view, it’s highly coveted. Over 60% of the search results returned by Google are now position zero search results.

You can check your SERP position 

Or evaluate your entire website for free 


Rising in 2020

Virtual Reality 

If you are new to the virtual world, Virtual reality (VR) is a digital environment that fully replicates the real world.

A report by MarketWatch suggests the global virtual reality market will be worth $117 billion by 2022. 

Using VR, fresh professionals in certain industries will be able to train in a simulated environment that provides a substantial degree of accuracy. This virtual training could create real world scenrios and cultivate any mistakes and iron out some risks in virtual world to then apply it to the real world.


Augmented Reality 

Augmented reality (AR) is a digital overlay into our own environment. 

If you ever had the chance to play Pokemon Go, you witnessed augmented reality in action. It uses the mobile device GPS to locate, capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokémon, which appear as if they are in the player’s real-world location. Augmented reality is fusing together interactive digital overlays into our real-world environments. 

Google SkyMap is another well-known AR app. It overlays information about constellations, planets and more as you point the camera of your smartphone towards the sky. 

The practical applications of AR technology extend way beyond the realms of gaming and entertainment. AR will be very important in education, engineering, and healthcare in 2020. 

Why AR and VR are Trending in 2020



Video will continue to be an important aspect of digital marketing as we move into 2020, becoming something we really can’t live without.

It will be one of the biggest trends in the near future. According to Cisco, 82% of internet traffic will be through video by 2021 but you don’t have to wait till 2021, you can start taking advantage of the trend now. The number of videos crossing the internet per second will be close to 1 million. 

Interactive Content 

Interactive content is content that requires the participants’ active engagement — more than simply reading or watching. In return for that engagement, participants receive real-time, hyper-relevant results they care about.

Interactive content is a better way to educate, entertain, and engage your audience.


Create quizzes like BuzzFeed. 


Be like Google with their interactive games. 


Have interactive infographics like National Geographic 

The future is here. Don’t wait to get started on these trends!

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