Generate More Leads for Your Home Service Business

Internet Ads

Internet ads are a great way to bring customers, but it can turn into a fiasco very easily. The secret to having a successful contractor marketing campaign is to stick to specific terms. Sure broad words get more traffic, but specific combinations of words or long tail keywords will bring customers straight to you.

High-ranked keywords are more expensive and lead to a massive amount of search results. For instance, instead of choosing words such as “home contractors”, go for something like “home contractors in Lake Worth”. And build the content of your website around that keyword.

 Relevant Content

Keywords are important when considering internet ads. But they are even more important when you think about the content of your website. Mr. Pipeline uses the latest reference tools to assess the popularity of home service marketing keywords for companies that provide commercial and residential services.

If you want your customers to find you based on those keywords, start working on the content. Blog articles, website content, social media pages, you name it. They all need to feature relevant content. Otherwise it’s pointless.

Email Marketing

Email is still used widely as a means to broadcast commercial messages. We all have an email address, either personal or not. And many of us read their email several times a day. So engaging into an email marketing campaign is not as inappropriate as it may seem.

The first thing you need to do is to find a company specialized in marketing, not bulk sending. If you’re a stranger to the notion of internet marketing for contractors, make sure you hire the professionals from Mr. Pipeline. Ask to take a look at the content they can generate for you. It needs to be both simple and concise. It also needs to include specific terms that are used in a familiar context.

Next stop is the database. Can you target it according to the geographical area or field of activity? Does it only contain business addresses? Or can you reach out to individuals as well? Regardless of the nature of the email addresses, make sure the database is opt-in or double opt-in. If it’s not, expect legal repercussions. Last but not least, make your email content mobile friendly.  It is very important to remember not to spam.

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