6 Tips for Your Contractor Business to Rank Higher on Google Maps

6 Tips for Your Contractor Business to Rank Higher on Google Maps

Google Maps is an effective and necessary tool for your contractor business. It helps increase the visibility of your contractor business for Google Map users who can be potential local clients. Aside from being visible, Google Maps helps potential clients easily find their way to you. However, the popularity of this application means you probably are not the only contractor considering using this tool. Still, you can get an edge over your competition if you rank higher on Google Maps. The question is, how do you get your contractor business to rank higher on Google Maps?

  1. Provide Verified and Detailed Information about your Contractor Business

When enlisting your contractor business to Google Maps, you have to provide a lot of information about your business such as your company name, what type of contractor business you have, your business contact number, business hours, and a brief summary of the services you offer. However, you need to make sure all this information is complete and accurate if you want Google Maps to view your business as reputable.

  1. Use Suitable Keywords

In order for your contractor business to rank higher on Google Maps, make sure you use appropriate keywords to describe your business. Make it more specific to capture the keywords most clients type on Google Map searches. Specific keywords allow your contractor business to be matched to user searches and rank it higher.

  1. Make your Google Map Listings More Attractive

You can add photos of your business to make your listing more attractive. Google Maps rank your contractor business higher if it is filled with a great summary of your company and if you post work photos of your business.

  1. Include Client Reviews and Ratings

Including reviews and ratings on your business listing is an effective tip to have your contractor business rank higher on Google Maps. Reviews and ratings make your reputation sturdier and make clients trust you more. Offering high quality services allows your business to avoid negative reviews and poor ratings.

  1. Provide Accurate, Recent and Local Phone Numbers

 It is important to update your contractor business information, especially your phone numbers, to make it more accurate and accessible. It is also important to use local numbers instead of hotlines because Google Maps dismisses listings using toll-free numbers. This tip improves your chance to rank higher.

  1. Register One Listing Only

Avoid registering or enlisting a lot of businesses with the same information. Google Maps views this as redundant information and dismisses your listing. Duplicate content negatively affects your business listing.

With high Google Maps ranking, your contractor business can quickly achieve growth and popularity. As long as you abide by these important tips, you can not only allow your contractor business to rank higher but also ensure tremendous success.


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