A Passion For Social Media Management

For business owners, the day is often consumed by dealing with customers, managing your employees, and tending to the daily grind of running a busy office. There’s often times barely enough time in the day to grab a cup of coffee or eat lunch, let alone spend a necessary amount of time catering to your business’ social media outlets.

Everyone knows that social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, and Tumblr can be valuable resources for networking, building a larger sales pipeline, and as a means to communicate regularly with customers and clients. Additionally, it’s a superb way to promote your specials, discounts and promotions that your business is offering without having to spend a large amount of money on doing so. That being said, it’s almost a “no brainer” that a business owner simply needs to make sure that their social media presence is constantly growing and that they are using every resource at their disposal to grow their business

The solution to not having enough time to tend to social media is to hire a Social Media Management professional to handle both initially building your social media outlets, and to then manage the organic growth that will occur from continually adding content to these networks and the timely interaction that takes place within them.

A passionate Social Media Management professional will not only have the skillset to attack growing your sales pipeline via sites like Facebook and Twitter, but will also have the natural ability to interact with customers and follow through on connecting them with the right person(s) within your business that can best assist them with meeting their needs in a timely fashion. A true Social Media professional will be as enthusiastic as you are to see your online presence grow, and will be open to your suggestions on content while providing much of their own creative ideas.

Social media is so much more than mundanely posting 5 or 10 tweets or statuses daily to all of your accounts like a robot. Many business owners fall into the pitfall of only trying to sell services or items on their sites (doing the “bare minimum”), while never tapping into the opportunity that truly exists within these networks. This is due in part to the fact that business owners simply just don’t have time during their busy day to sit down and interact with people over the internet which leads to business owners not obtaining customers via their social media outlets. No one is going to get excited about reading the same posts over and over again that aren’t doing anything more than trying to sell something! This is unfortunate, because social media offers business the opportunity to network, build rapport, and create long lasting relationships with both current and potential clients and customers. In this digital generation, many customers and clients love that they can get their questions answered without ever having to pick up the phone, all while still interacting with a real, live person.

The good news is that this problem can be rectified by hiring a Social Media Management professional who thrives on a first class customer service experience, is continually coming up with creative content, and is passionate about achieving results. We here at Mr. Pipeline meet that profile. Contact Erin Ernest today at erin@mrpipeline.com for more information. Let’s create something awesome together!

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