How can I close more of my leads?

There are a handful of reasons why a lead will not convert to a customer. Through our experience in the Home Service industry, we’ve narrowed down the list to the Top 3 Reasons:

  • Pitch – this is the overall perception of your company that the prospect receives. It starts with the initial impression the prospect gets from your website as well as how the phone call/form submission is handled. Are you portrayed as a high-quality company, are the phone calls/follow-ups handled with professionalism, do you have positive 5-Star Reviews on Google and Facebook, and how available is your scheduling?


  • Price – are you competitive in your local market? Whether you are the most expensive or the cheapest company, it’s all about the value you build into your services. Just throwing out an estimated cost to your prospect will not secure as many jobs as explaining the process to the customer and why you “earn the right” to charge the price you ask.


  • Product – your company most likely performs a service, but the “product” is considered as the outcome of the job once the service is complete. Do you strive to exceed all of your customer’s expectations? Your “product” is a direct correlation to the amount of positive online reviews and recommendations your company receives.

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