The Importance of a Powerful Online Presence

We are in a time like no other! I have been in the advertising space for over 11 years and have been involved with many successful ventures. I have been the publisher of one of the fastest growing magazines in Florida that was eventually bought out by a publicly traded company. I have also been the lead salesman for a large internet affiliate marketing firm and loved many things about the company.

Through my experiences, I have learned many things about getting results and producing qualified leads for companies. Contrary to popular belief, print advertising is not dead. It is just on the tail end of a long and blessed road. The new wave of advertising is through the internet. More specifically, Search Engine Marketing is the wave of the future. Think about it…where do you go first when you are in the need of an immediate answer. That’s right, the internet and most likely Google! Mr. Pipeline is now leading the way in helping small and large businesses showcase a powerful online image, moreover gaining more qualified business. Our award winning team is comprised of top of the line web developers and designers as well as experienced internet marketing executives.

Search Engine Marketing consists of a multitude of channels and we specialize in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click and Social Media Marketing. I have seen where marketing and advertising has been and I have a very solid idea of where it is presently and in the future. As the great Wayne Gretzky once said: “You must skate where the puck’s going, not where it’s been in order to win.” Allow Mr. Pipeline’s team to shoot and score for you! Until next time….thanks for reading.

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October 15, 2018

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