Easy Ideas to Successfully Promote Small Business Saturday

Boost Sales during Small Business Saturday

Now is the time of the year when consumers are plugged in to businesses that offer the goods and services they need for their holiday season. As a small business owner, it is more important than ever that the local community is aware of what your business has to offer.

Taking this discussion a step further, Small Business Saturday falls on 11/25/17, so now is the perfect opportunity to ensure that your business is setup for success.

With the increased momentum of consumers shopping local on Small Business Saturday, I want to share with you a few simple ideas that will successfully promote your business. It’s quite a challenge to compete against the corporate retailers where their strategy is to offer big ticket products as “loss leaders” with the intention of making more profit on the additional items a consumer will purchase.

As a local small business, you may not have the ability to match such an offer, but you can certainly out-perform a big retailer with better customer service and a much better buying experience.

A great goal on this Small Business Saturday would be for you to serve new clients that may not have purchased your goods or services in the past. If you are able to deliver an amazing “buying experience” to this new customer, you have the ability to continuously gain their future business.

Get Started

Below are a few tips as a great starting point to ensure your business will stand out in local searches by potential customers:

  • Review your business information online through the¬†Google My Business¬†dashboard. Make sure your address, phone number, and hours of operation are accurate. This information will allow consumers to easily find your location.


  • Post a special offer to entice shoppers to visit your establishment. Attract the right buyers by focusing on the goods or services that you provide. Start by putting yourself in the mindset of your customers, and create an offer that will capture their attention. Pictures and videos will add to the success of any offer that you create. The next step will be to publish a simple social media post that can pull local consumers to your establishment. Some programs for Wacom offer a free trial or a basic version that can be upgraded to a paid version with additional features.


  • Sell custom gift cards. A new buying trend of customers over the holiday season is to purchase gift cards. If your business is able to sell custom gift cards for your establishment, you not only get a sale today, but you lock in the opportunity to capture future business when that gift card is redeemed. Many small businesses also promote their own custom gift cards by giving away a small amount when the customer exceeds a certain dollar spend on their products or services. For example, “Spend $100 or more today and receive a Free $10 gift card for a future purchase.”


Keep the Momentum through the Holiday Season

As I’m sure you’ve uncovered during your time of owning a business, there is no secret recipe to anything. There are certainly best practices to follow that will help you take a step in the right direction, but at the end of the day, it’s all about using what works for your particular business.

Hopefully you can follow the tips that we presented today along with any other ideas that you have come up with over the holiday season. Determine which practices result in the best ROI for your business, and keep building on that foundation.

We look forward to hearing the success that your small business has found during this Small Business Saturday event as well as during the entire holiday season. Please share your experiences in our comments section below. From all of us at Mr. Pipeline Internet Marketing, we wish you and your family a very Happy & Healthy Holiday Season!

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