New Advertising Tools

New Advertising Tools Used By Google

New Advertising Tools Used By Google

Small businesses are always looking for a way to be noticed online. You have been using these advertising tools to make your business more effective. Google recently announced a rebranding of these advertising products that will result in much simpler solutions for your business. An innovative approach to advertising will have your small business dominating with more ease in the online world.

Easier, But More Effective Advertising

In today’s world, engaging our customers has become increasingly more difficult with the vast variety of platforms at the grasp of our fingertips. The way we approach advertising must also match with the demands of an everchanging world. By making the process more automated, the result is an easier way for small businesses to succeed.

  • Google AdWords is changing to Google AdsThis will help small businesses the opportunity to connect with customers over a variety of different sites and applications(apps).
  • Using Smart campaigns- The highest degree of technology you can utilize to help your business work “smarter, not harder.” Simplistic ad creation to help your worry less about marketing and doing more of what you love, running your small business.
  • Google Marketing Platform- Merging both DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 Suite, Google Marketing Platform allows more operative marketing where you can truly understand the customer. Putting the customer first in marketing approach will help your small business be a true innovative leader.


Smoke The Competition With Google Advertising

With the changes made by Google, Mr. Pipeline can guide your marketing campaign effectively to help your small business service be placed in front of the right audience. In 2018, a successful business must always be aware of the constant changes in the online world, especially regarding Google advertising brands.  We can help your small business “smoke the competition” for years to come!

If you have any questions or need some more guidance, feel free to contact Mr. Pipeline today at (561) 899-3043 or

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