5 Essential Website Must-Haves for Driving Leads to Your Home Service Business

Your business website is the online identity of your home service company. It’s crucial for your website to provide a great user experience that makes it easy and quick for visitors to navigate. 

Check out these 5 essential website must-haves for converting your website visitors into leads to your home service business.

Clear Calls to Action (CTAs):

Use clear Call-to-Actions (CTAs) to guide your visitors to what you want them to do. A well-thought out CTA can incentivize visitors to fill out the forms on your website or share them with others. From ‘Schedule Now for “Incentive X’ to ‘Get a Free Quote’, your website visitors will more likely turn into leads.

Make a call to action that fits your client’s needs and fits into your sales process. This will be a step towards turning your CTAs into something your target audience cannot ignore. Positive phrases encourage engagement and help visitors connect with your home service business.

User-Friendly Contact Forms:

If you want your lead generation forms to be filled out, they must be where searchers can find them best. And that would be on popular pages of your website.  The visitors to your website will be more likely to fill out a form that contains information they know about the specific page they are viewing. 

Placing lead generation and contact forms on your website’s key pages, such as the front page, blog section, and services page, will help you reduce the number of non-converters, attract more visitors who are truly interested in your service, and have a higher probability of conversion.

Informative and Relevant Content:

Demonstrate your understanding of your customers needs using value driven content. Educational blog posts or instructions in a step-by-step fashion will depict you as a highly experienced and authoritative home service company.

Make your content relevant to your target audience so that they can benefit from it. This should include useful solutions and knowledge of your service offerings. Information constitutes power, so the prospects who seek your services will look at you as having high authority when you are able to offer them this kind of quality.

Social Proof and Trust Building Elements:

Take advantage of social proof to build confidence and trust in your brand. Display a section of testimonials, positive reviews, and case studies that illustrate how you always put the customer first. Create trust and genuineness with strong social proof indicators demonstrating real, happy client experiences with your company. By highlighting your practice of achieving excellent customer service, you gain the trust and assurance of your probable clients.

Moreover, try to engage with happy customers to trigger them to provide feedback in the form of reviews and testimonials on your Google Business Profile or social media to boost your brand’s online reputation.

Responsive Design and Fast Loading Speed:

It is imperative to provide hassle-free website access through responsive design. Considering most searches are done via a mobile device, it’s crucial that your website is mobile friendly.

Website speed is also an important factor when it comes to providing a positive user experience. If your website has a slow loading speed, it can turn potential customers away which means losing out on leads for your business.


Adding clear CTAs, user-friendly contact forms, informational content, social proof, and responsive designs to your website will cause more visitors to convert into leads for your home service company. 

Be sure that particular keywords are implemented throughout your website to aid in the visibility of search engines and customize your online presence to the fullest degree. Think of your website as your business’s online platform to attract leads and grow your home service business.

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