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Jon Majak

Jon Majak

President & CEO

Professional (life inside the office)

With over 15 years in the advertising space, Jon has come across a tremendous amount of business owners. Whether it’s the CEO of a large healthcare company looking to increase annual revenue or a small business owner looking to grow its customer base and brand awareness, there is always one common denominator that sticks out to Jon. That is trust.


He is a big believer that when you have a relationship built on trust and transparency, extraordinary things can be accomplished. In that moment where belief and confidence meet, that’s where the fun really starts. That’s where the vision for Mr. Pipeline was born. Always a driven entrepreneur at heart, Jon was tired of watching his father get poor results growing his small business. His father only knew one way of obtaining business and that was throwing out flyers and good old-fashioned word of mouth. After college, Jon started working at a powerhouse email marketing company and saw firsthand how effective digital marketing was the difference maker in businesses. It was in that moment, that he knew there had to be a better way for his father. The owner of the email marketing company just happened to be one of Jons best friends and they mutually years later decided to move in different directions. (PS. He’s still on of Jons best friends to this day.)


After departing from his former company, Jon had a conversation with his father. And his father said: “Son, if only you could apply that fancy internet marketing stuff to my company, I would double my business.” A lightbulb went off and Jon began to relentlessly study how to help small businesses grow online. After learning the power of a great Website, Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimization, Jon decided to apply his discoveries to his fathers small pressure washing business. The first year Jon tripled his fathers annual revenue from the previous year. Soon after, the local pool supply company Jons father bought cleaning chemicals from asked him how he got so busy, so fast. He said: “My son skyrocketed my business from internet marketing.” Then the owner of the pool supply company said: “Can he help do the same thing for my business?” And that’s where Mr. Pipeline was born. It was shaped out of a genuine passion to help others succeed. Over time and hundreds of clients later, Mr. Pipeline helps companies across the country dominate their local market. The company employees some of the brightest minds and hardest working people the marketing world has ever seen. Together with his partner, Jon DeLeeuw, their dedication and leadership has navigated the company through unprecedented growth.


At the end of the day, we remember- every client is treated like family, and that’s why we’re different.



Personal (life outside of the office)

Jon is married to his wonderful wife Lauren, has two amazing dogs, Kingston & Hazel, and has a handsome son on the way! He is a lifelong Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens and USA Soccer fan. He also loves music, the mountains and the ocean. He graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelors Degree in Communication. Jon loves spending time with family, close friends and traveling as much as possible.

Jon ‘JD’ DeLeeuw

Jon ‘JD’ DeLeeuw

Vice President

As a South Florida native, Jonathan DeLeeuw was born and raised in Boynton Beach. With nearly a decade of marketing expertise combined with an extensive background in Business Management, he has focused on helping small businesses become a staple in their industries. The elements of business have always been a passion of Jon, which led him to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Florida Atlantic University. When not in the office, you can find Jon actively participating in several sport and fitness activities. From baseball to golf and offshore fishing, he greatly enjoys outdoor activities. His favorite part about working at Mr. Pipeline is being involved with a client as the marketing efforts grow their business month-over-month to produce a great Return on Investment. “It’s very rewarding when the growth of our client’s business allows them to employ more workers to support their primary objective.”


Mr. Pipeline Internet Marketing is now booking public speaking engagements on topics related to growing your small business, home service business or healthcare business. Effective internet marketing can often times make or break a company. This is as true for local businesses as it is for multinational giants. Success in business now depends on an effective internet presence now more than ever.

Mr. Pipeline presentations start by explaining the amazing potential of internet marketing and how to scale your business in a simple fashion. A very large percentage of people looking for services search online first,  before making any final buying decisions. These potential customers can be reached by well-designed websites on mobile, tablet and desktop by using proven strategies.  Our speakers will cover the basics, such as what search engines matter and how to dominate specific channels. People attending will better understand concepts like search engine optimization, social media marketing, lead generation and how it can be used to triple business within no time at all. Mr. Pipeline will explain how effective sales ready websites are carefully constructed, and how to include specific pages with information that converts site visits to business. They will also understand important internet marketing concepts such as Google and Apple Maps, reputation management, and the unique importance of generating 5 star reviews.

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