About Ring the Bell 🔔

It’s the story of a home service entrepreneur who is called to follow his heart and build the business of his dreams. The story begins as he walks the lonely narrow road of coming up with his idea, his brand, and going through all of the struggles and opportunities in his mind of starting a business. As he progresses through, he makes it out of the dark woods, and finds himself gazing into the most beautiful, bustling mountain town. Deep in the distance, he sees the highest peak he’s ever laid eyes on, and on top of it stands the largest and most glorious ancient bell known to man. Then it hits him, he must continue his journey of a lifetime and trek his way to the top of that magnificent mountain and reach the bell. Along this journey of self-discovery, he uncovers his “why”, deepens his understanding of the service business, and attaches a real purpose to it all. Along the way, the author details his personal experiences that correlates with each chapter. The overall mission sets out to reveal the incredible blessing of it all- making the most money possible in your niche and serving those who need it most.

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